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Bridging Loans

If you have ever been stuck in between the purchase of your new home and the sale of your old home, understanding bridging loans would have been helpful. Nothing is worse than paying two mortgages when it is unexpected. Thankfully,

Home Loan Facts for First-Time Buyers

Being a first-time buyer who is looking for their first home is a nerve shredding time. There are so many different questions to ask and so many different home loans on the market that it can be dizzying to think

The Importance of Mortgage Loan Insurance

Mortgage Loan Insurance is intended to protect the lender from default on the part of the borrower, plain and simple. However, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) designed mortgage loan insurance for more than just protecting the banks. The

Turned Down for a Home Loan? What You Need to Know

Waiting for an application for credit to be approved can be a tense time for anyone. It is made even worse if your application gets turned down, this can be crushing for anyone who wants to secure a home loan.

Homeowner Loans – Are They Different From Secured Loans?

Let’s face it, getting a loan can sometimes seem traumatic. Where do you go to get a loan? How much can I borrow? What sort of loan is best for me? …and i’m guessing that these are only some of

What is Federal Modification Loan

I have been asked so many questions regarding federal modification loan. So, here again is a primer for those who are interested in this. Federal modification loan for homes are made to help those whose houses are in threat of

Advice for First Time Home Buyers Seeking Loans

First time home buyers are faced with a lot of confusion when seeking loans. Their inexperience could lead to them taking several wrong decisions which could become disastrous in the long run. Thus it is necessary to be well-informed on

How to Get A Bank of American Mortgage Loan Modification

Bank of America mortgage loan modification is one of the harder loan modification programs to find information on. Their requirements are tightly sealed to anyone not legitimately requesting a loan modification. But despite that, there are things you (or any