How to Bank On Yourself and Get Back the Interest You Pay to Lease or Finance Business Equipment (Page 1 of 3)

What if there was a simple way to bank on yourself and become your OWN source of financing for the business equipment you buy or lease?

You’d make the same profits that banks and leasing companies are now making on you!

Now what if I told you that, by financing things yourself, rather than through an outside lender, you could ALSO get back the ENTIRE cost of the vehicles, equipment, machinery, electronics and buildings you buy or lease for your business?

Impossible, you say?

Oh, but it’s not! In fact, over the last five years, I’ve gotten the last three cars I use for my business for free. PLUS I’ve put all the interest charges I previously paid to finance and leasing companies for cars into my OWN pocket, instead!

It’s not magic – although it may seem like it is – and it’s easier to do than you might think. What I’m about to reveal to you has (until now!) been a well-kept secret I stumbled on, working since 1990 as a consultant to financial advisors.

Let me show you the power of this strategy which almost any business owner or professional can use to turn the flow of money in your business and personal life from cash OUT to cash IN. I’ll use the cars (or trucks) you buy or lease for your business as an example…

Let’s say you were to buy a new $25,000 car every 4 years from age 40-80 (10 cars total). To keep it simple, I’m not factoring in inflation or any trade-ins.

If you finance those 10 cars through a bank or car dealer, it will cost you $289,920, assuming a 7.5% interest rate. If you lease those cars, your cost will be $199,680.

And if you paid cash for the cars, your cost would be $250,000.

However, if you could bank on yourself and finance those 10 cars yourself, at the end of 40 years, you’d have $461,139 in your account! That means the difference between financing the cars through a bank, which would leave you $289,920 in the hole, and financing them yourself, the way I’m about to show you, which would leave you UP $461,139… is $751,059!

And, when you bank on yourself, instead of paying cash, you’d STILL come out $711,139 ahead! ($461,139 + $250,000 = $711,139)

Put another way, you have a choice: You can have the cars AND the money… or just the cars. Which would YOU rather have? (And this strategy can be used to get back the cost of ANY major purchase – business or personal – not just cars!)

Do you have any idea what financial strategy or vehicle will let you do this?

Well, it’s not a savings or money market account or CD. And it’s not an investment account or retirement plan or IRA. None of them will work, for a number of reasons.

You can accomplish this by using a specially-designed type of life insurance policy. Now please DON’T stop reading if the words “life insurance” turn you off, because this is NOT the kind of life insurance most people know about!

To be able to bank on yourself, instead of lining the pockets of an outside lender, you must use a policy that has been specifically designed to turn a traditional life insurance policy upside down by going for MAXIMUM cash accumulation, while minimizing the death benefit.

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